Jesus heals today

Many people know that Jesus healed people with all kinds of illnesses 2,000 years ago, but how many people know that Jesus still heals today?

Sue in coma

Sue in coma

In 2017, Pastor Bill's wife, Sue, was struck by a car. Her head hit the pavement and she was unconscious with her eyes open, barely breathing. She sustained severe head trauma with neck and skull damage followed by massive bleeding on both sides of the brain. She was given emergency surgery to try control the bleeding but her prognosis was very bad. Medical staff expected that she would probably survive the surgery, but the severe damage to the brain was irreparable. If she came out of the induced coma, she would not know who she was, not know her husband and would need constant care for the rest of her life. She was expected to have communication problems and little use of her limbs.

It's a miracle!

Sue recovered

Sue 3 months later

Sue’s husband, Bill, along with the family and many other Christians prayed earnestly, asking Jesus Christ to heal her. By the end of the night of the accident, Bill had received confirmation from God that she would recover. Sue remained in the coma for an excessive time and most medical staff were of the opinion that she would never regain consciousness!

But after eight days, she began to respond to commands. It was a miracle! Ten weeks later she returned home from hospital, weak and thin, but with full use of her memory, speech and limbs. Her recovery of strength, stamina and body mass has continued in the following months. This is an amazing testimony of the love and power of God and the value of prayer. The Bible tells us:-

God is our refuge and strength,
a very present help in trouble.

Psalm 46:1 NKJ

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Updated December 2019